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Undergraduate courses:

Personal genome analysis (Biol 4950 [UMN])

Freshman seminar: Genome (Biol 1905 [UMN: Fall  ‘13, Fall ’14)

Foundations in biology* (Biol 2002 [UMN])
* Received the CBS Student Board’s Golden Pipette Award for Most Approachable Professor in 2014-15 (Feb. 19, 2015)
* Received Science magazine’s Inquiry-based Instruction Award (Sept. 2013) for work done for this course in collaboration with Susan Wick, Mark Decker and Robin Wright.

Cell biology (GCD 4004 [UMN])

Bioinformatic analysis (GCD 3485, formerly Biol 4950 [UMN])

Directed reading: Effectiveness of active learning strategies [UMN: Spring ‘13]

Directed reading: Microarray analysis [UMN: Spring ‘12]

Cell biology and genetics II laboratory (Biol 205 [Macalester])

Seminar in stem cell biology (Biol 394 [Macalester])

Cellular and molecular neuroscience (Biol 356 [Macalester])

Bioinformatics (Biol 394 [Macalester])

Molecular biology for computer scientists (Biol 96C)

Scientific writing (Biol 100W)

General genetics with seminar (Biol 115)

Genetics laboratory (Biol 116L, formerly Biol 115L)

Introduction to bioinformatics (Biol 121)

Bioinformatics I (Biol 123A crosslisted as CS 123A)

Bioinformatics II (Biol 123B crosslisted as CS 123B)

Molecular cell biology laboratory (Biol 135L)

Graduate courses:

Preparing future faculty I (Grad 8101 [UMN])

Seminar in advanced genetics: bioinformatics (Biol 215)

Seminar in advanced genetics: gene therapy (Biol 215)

Bioinformatics (Biol 221 and Biol 221T)

Advanced seminar in biology: evolution (Biol 255M)

Advanced seminar in biology: cell motility and targeting (Biol 255M)

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